Friday, June 27, 2008

How To Lose Belly Fat The Fastest Way Possible - 3 Best Ways!

Choose interval cardio instead boring regular aerobic exercise

With interval cardio, you are boosting the metabolism to the new levels and you help to burn belly fat faster. This for of training will get you to the situation, where the metabolism is high, higher than normal and it's scientifically and practically tested.

You can feel free to use this method with almost any cardiovascular workout. You will let the heart rate decrease and increase during the workout, for example you cycle with the exercises bike for 30 seconds at a normal speed. Following 30 seconds you cycle at a great speed. You can do this a couple of times or according to a specific time, such as 20 minutes.

Tips: To achieve greater results, apply this method to a weight lifting combined with aerobic workout. The routine gets more complex and more interesting, while you are using more exercises, instead one in a particular workout session.

Burn the belly fat with a proper diet plan

An effective weight loss often depends on well planned diet. This may scare you, but I'm afraid to tell you this but it's so true. You can still have a world greatest exercise plan to lose belly fat and explosive interval cardiovascular routine. But if you are eating lot's of junk food, it's an obvious, that you won't get any results, because the belly will stack the excess amount of fat.

Adjust your diet, so that you are burning more calories than you consume at long sight. It's true that sometimes you have to eat more, to prevent muscle loss. If the weight gain concern you most, then you should burn approximately 300-500 calories more than you consume. Sometimes less is better.

Tips: Your eating habits should consist of small low-calorie meals five to six times per day. Stop eating carbohydrates about three hours before sleep. A protein that includes casein (milk), is useful to take before sleep, that way your body will stay anabolic and help you to burn the fat easier. Follow a certain calorie cycle 2 weeks at a time, such as burning 500 calories more than you consume and next 2 weeks burning as much as you consume.

The multifaceted full-body workout is the key for weight loss

How many are knowledgeable of the fact, that a direct ab exercises doesn't burn the fat from belly area. I'm not here to ignore the good old ab crunches and my favourite lower ab exercise leg raise. But when it's getting to the point, where the goal is to lose an excess amount of fat around the waist, you should focus on regular full body exercises, such as front squad, push ups and deadlift.

After you have burned enough belly fat through basic exercises, then the ab exercises will show up. With ab exercises you are trying to strengthen the abdominal muscles and shape them to make it looks better.

Tips: Many people fail to lose weight from belly area, just by hitting abs hard. Your abs may be somehow sexy, but who cares, if they are hidden under the thick fat layer. So remeber, exercise, exercise and once more exercises and you will lose some weight.

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