Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Lose the Fat! Tips to Successful Weight Loss

Weight loss can be a long and often frustrating process. One must muster enough self-motivation and inspiration long enough to see lasting results.

Unrealistic Image Something that seems so obvious yet we constantly forget is that everyones body is different! Not everyone is going to be a size 0 and 2, and thats okay! You have to figure out what your ideal and healthy body weight is and work towards that goal.

Fruit and Vegetables Your mom may have forced you to eat them and for good reason! Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables during meals and snacks will satisfy your hunger with more nutrition and less empty calories.

Everyday Exercise Since keeping in shape is such an integral part of maintaining your health, make physical activity a part of your daily routine, much like brushing your teeth. Exercise will help you burn calories, tone muscle, and lose the fat.

Mindless Munching Be aware of when and what you eat. Often, we grab for something to eat while watching TV, working, or other activities where our mind is not focused on eating. This only leads to the consumption empty, fattening caloriesand lots of them.

Emotional Eating When you are feeling lonely, bored, or anxious, avoid eating to deal with the stress. Food will not solve your problems; it will only augment those blasted calories and pounds you so desperately want to shed! Find other activities (such as going for a walk, e-mailing a friend, or painting) that will enable you to relax without food.

Portions Control Be mindful of your portions at each meal; refrigerate leftovers or take the rest of plate home if you eat out. Remember when you werent allowed to leave the table until your plate was cleared? Not so anymore. Portions have increased a ridiculous amount, so be careful! Eat slower rather than shoveling down food before your stomach can register it is full.

Weight Loss Pill People have this false idea that they can take a weight loss pill for a week and be done. Not so! Take something such as the Akavar weight loss pill in conjunction with healthy eating and your daily exercise. Then stick it out! No one will see lasting weight loss success over the course of mere days. Find the motivation to keep it up.


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