Friday, June 27, 2008

Lose Weight in 5 Days - Here is How You'll Do it

One of the most nerve racking, anxiety inducing social situations that we face are those that we feel we aren't physically prepared for in the sense of looking and feeling our best. And while I do know lots of men who find themselves needing to lose weight fast for a special occasion... I think that the women in the house can universally agree, this is an anxiety felt FAR more often by females! Be it the first big beach weekend, a special party we weren't prepared for, or even something as simple as a blind date, EVERY woman understands the feeling of having to fit into some garment of clothing on VERY short notice that may be challenging...

But we all know it can be done, so there is hope! If you need to lose weight in 5 days for ANY occasion, it can pretty much be done without fail, across all shapes, sizes and ages. Now many of you know I advocate and recommend only one or two diets that I've had tremendous personal and professional success with, but even if you are short on time and can't go with a professionally tailored plan, there are simple things you can do and that are safe and easy.

Again, not as a long term solution, but a 3 day detox is incredibly powerful and a very rejuvenating process. Very simply, if you only have 5 days to work with, you would eat all organic fruits and vegetables on days 1 and 4, and days 2 and 3 would be all vegetable and fruit juices. No solids whatsoever. The first and last days are transitioning "in and out" days with the middle days being nothing but the nectar of the gods... Is it safe? It is absolutely safe, it happens to also be the bedrock process for many longer detox programs where people will juice fast for up to 3 and 4 months! Of course those have longer transitioning periods and should be supervised to some degree, but many people have reported life changing physical, emotional and spiritual transformation on these types of cleansings. And hey...just about ALL of the religious icons of our major religions have spoken at length about fasting, including Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi, and many more.

For most of us non world leader types, there are plenty of other good diets to choose from, don't worry. Including the ones that I use and recommend myself!

No More Chubby Tummy I told My Hubby!

Read discover how you can lose weight, feel great, and turn heads on the beach, in the boardroom and in the bedroom...guaranteed!

(Even if you've never lost a pound on ANY diet ever before!)


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