Thursday, June 19, 2008

One Way To Diet For Losing Weight Extremely Fast

The diet you will take maybe weird considering the fact the more you eat the more weight you'll lose but its true. The reason having strange and bizarre combinations of ingredients that will allow you to starve each day unknowingly. However you have to note that this isn't a long term plan nor is it a nutritionally a very healthy one. On the other hand if you are extremely determined to lose weight, this is definitely not going to stop you.

Lets do a breakdown.


Consume as much fruits as you want. Fruits are generally good for health. However, do avoid banana as banana contains quite a bit of carbohydrates. For drinks, try to stick to water. Yes water. However if you do want some other alternatives, unsweetened tea, coffee or some fruit juices would be ideal. Apart from that, you can take as much cabbage soup as you want.

Tuesday - Proper dinner day

Generally follow the same as Monday but leave out the fruit. However, cook as much vegetable dishes for your lunch for snack. Do keep the seasoning light though. In addition to that, do stay away from the peas and sweet corns etc. For dinner, keep yourself happy with a normal lump of carbohydrate. For instance, bread, a simple pasta or baked potato.

Wednesday - The difference

follow either Monday or Tuesday. However substitute fruits and carbohydrate for a nice lean meat dinner. Some recommended types of meat would be beef, chicken or fish.

Follow this cycle for the entire week and do it for awhile. You'll see the difference in a quick span of time. Let me warn you though, a huge dose of discipline is needed and should anything occur, stop and consult your doctor immediately.

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