Saturday, June 21, 2008

Personal Trainers Insight into Weight Loss

Unfortunately, in todays world, the easiest way is the best way. Today, if you are overweight, there are a million and one diets, training programs and supplements which guarantee you success. Indeed, many of them deliver and customers have excellent success. But more often than not, those who begin a diet or program fail. They either drop out, or the results don't come.

But why? Why is it that the obesity epidemic is sweeping the world with a force, if there are so many easy weight loss methods available? Because current trends are to let others do the thinking for us.

We follow a particular diet. Foods we can eat, cant eat. Train at this time, run for this long. All you are doing is following someone else's rules without actually learning anything yourself. And this is the key to a new lifestyle and weight loss- knowledge. Understanding which you can act on in any situation at any time in your life.

If you understand how the body works, in relation to nutrition and training, if you become familiar enough to recognise and react to your bodies messages and changes, if you understand enough about yourself- its then, and only then, you can live a LIFESTYLE of healthiness which will keep the weight off with no drudge diet, no starving, no 0 carb or 0 fat menu's.

This is the difference between those who lose weight and keep it off and those who are forever struggling. Those who learn not only rules, but the reasoning and the knowledge behind these techniques, who understand bodily processes, how their body works, why it works that way, and how to ensure your lifestyle is optimum for your body, these are the ones who not only will lose the weight, but can simply live a healthy lifestyle armed with this knowledge. Day by day they can live happy and sure, knowing how to treat their body correctly without any crazy diets.

Im not saying that weight loss programs out their are incorrect- they will work in many cases. But your body is a clever thing. It adapts, it resists. Unless you can manipulate your lifestyle for your particular needs, and react to different situations not outlined in a general diet, you wont succeed, or your success will come at a dear price. Who wants to follow a certain menu day in day out? Its bound to fail. Who wants to cut all the carbs out of their diet? The only thing which will happens is your metabolism will slow so much, when you do eat carbs again it will result in weight gain. The cycle begins. It's the knowledge of the science of your body which will allow you to understand EXACTLY why your putting weight on, or why your losing weight, and how to reverse or encourage trends in your everyday life.

In the morning when i wake up, i know if i don't eat within 30 minutes my body will start to tap into my muscle stores and fat stores for glucose. As im trying to gain muscle, this is unacceptable. When my body is overly tired, ill postpone a workout, consume some extra protien and carbs and allow plenty of rest. Its all about understanding your body and meeting its needs. One diet can work for everyone. You need to know your body and know how to treat it in any situation. This is the key to long term weight loss, and a fun, invigorating new lifestyle.

So before your begin your diet or training program, take the time to learn about the science of your body. Research the processes of fat storage, fat breakdown. Research muscle growth, research nutrition. Knowledge. Its worth more than its weight in gold. Aquire it. Understand the world you life in and the body you walk around in. This is your key to success.

Nathan Quigley is a Personal trainer, with a master trainer qualification at the Australian Institute of fitness. He is currently running a weight loss series at which seeks to equip overweight people with the knowledge and motivation they need to live a new and amazing lifestyle, all the while seeing the pounds fall away. He also specialises in weight gain for skinny guys, and runs a further weightgain serious at


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