Sunday, June 8, 2008

Shed Off Your Weight Every Weeks!

Plan to solve your weight-loss problems in 3 weeks? This is possible if you understand what is happening to the neuro-chemical and hormonal systems in your body.

The cumulative results of decades' worth of research have led experts to conclude that the key to speedy, lasting weight loss lies in nurturing and repairing three interrelated body systems. In order to make the biochemical changes necessary for fast weight loss, the glandular, neuro-chemical and hormonal systems each need to be given specialized treatment inoder for weight loss to take effect.

You may want to start off with a three-week plan. It starts with a well-rounded basic meal plan, then adds key nutrients in week 1 that restore the master weight-loss glandsthe thyroid and adrenals. Then week 2 adds nutrients that boost neuro-transmitter production, making it possible to dodge the powerful food cravings that sabotage weight loss during the second week of most diets. Finally, week 3 incorporates foods that naturally boost hormone levels, shutting off fat cells' genetically programmed drive to plump up in order to produce more estrogen. The result is a strong restorative base that optimizes all three areas of the female weight-loss puzzle through week 4 and beyond so the weight continues to reduce and never returns.

Each week fine tune your slimming system

In addition to following a pound-paring meal plan designed to nourish the entire body, each week you'll incorporate two dietary approaches scientifically proven to optimize the health and functioning of the glandular, neurochemical and hormonal systems, in that order. Rather than shocking your body with a hard-to-maintain diet overhaul, you'll move your slimming program together over three weeks, ensuring effortless weight loss that lasts for life.

Activate the thyroid to fire up fat burn

Take a muttivitamin rich in selenium. The study-proven dose: 200 meg daily. With ample selenium intake, the thyroid and adrenals can be healed in just three weeks. This will helps to reduce fatigue and keeping energy levels high. You may also choose to sip ginseng tea during high-stress times. Hundreds of studies show that ginsenosides, ginseng's active ingredients, shield the thyroid and adrenals from stress, lowering production of diet-sabotaging cortisol and boosting energy by as much as 50 percent within three days.

Stabilize neurochemicals to conquer cravings

Consume aminos at regular intervals. Tyrosine and phenyl-alamne are the building blocks of dopamine. And according to UCLA researchers, including them in every meal could dramatically increase mental and physical energy levels, plus dampen cravings for sweets and fats in as little as one week. You may wish to savor cocoa each evening. The theo-bromine and phenylethylamine in cocoa raise the brain's production of serotonin,dopamine and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), neurochemicals that boost mood and control cravings. Research suggests that enjoying a little each evening by savoring an ounce or two of quality chocolate or a mug of hot cocoa can cut night time cravings by 50 percent.

Balance female hormones to eliminate belly fat

You may choose to snack on soy. As the ovaries' ability to produce hormones slows with age, phytoestrogens can help, ending the body's genetic drive to pack on more estrogen-producing fat. Consume 12 ounces of soy milk or a half cup of phytoestrogen-rich legumes, tofu, flaxseeds or cruciferous veggies daily. Swap refined carbs for whole grains. White flour, sugar and other refined carbs flood the bloodstream in as little as 20 minutes after consumption, causing insulin levels to spike. The problem: Insulin not only shuttles sugar into fat cells; it also stimulates production of androgens. These male hormones bind to the hormone receptor sites in cells, making the body think estrogen is in short supply. To nix the hormonal confusion, opt for fiber-rich whole grains, which are slowly absorbed. This cuts insulin spikes, reducing androgen overload by 20 percent to help restore estrogen balance.

You may want to try out this healthy staples, that serves as the base for this plan. For each week during the first 21 days, you can fine tune it to include that weeks system nourishing strategies.

6 servings of breads, cereals, rice
3 servings of vegetables
2 servings of fruit
3 servings of milk, yogurt, cheese (preferably fat-free)
3 servings of eggs, beans, nuts, soy.

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