Sunday, June 29, 2008

Warning - Quick Fat Loss Programs Are Dangerous To Fat People!

Don't you dare risk your fat by using a quick fat loss program. If you do, you're seriously putting entire way of life at risk.

1. Fat loves misery. If you decided to lose weight quickly, you're bound to have less depression. Who wants to be happy anyway?

2. Fat hates skinniness. If you decide that the weight has got to come off, you're in for making your fat frustrated, and it's likely to leave. Who wants to be skinny anyway?

3. Fat loves to stay. Quick weight loss programs will make the weight come off so quickly that you'll be shocked. Who wants to be shocked anyway?

4. Fat hates exercise. If you do lose weight quickly, you're going to have to exercise. Who wants to feel good from exercise anyway?

5. Fat loves eating. Most weight loss diets make you not eat quite as much. Who wants to save money on food anyway?

6. Fat hates self-control. The fastest weight loss diet requires self-control. Who wants to be in control of himself or herself anyway?

7. Fat loves making people sick. When weight comes off, it makes people's immune systems stronger. Who wants to be healthy anyway?

It's really amazing that fat people would consider any of these quick weight loss programs. Fat people need to consider the changes their life will bring and consider if it is really worth it...

Do you really want to be happy? Do you really want to be skinny? Do you really want to be shocked? Do you really want to save money on food? Do you really want to be in control of yourself? Do you really want to be healthy?

Hey fat person, count the cost and see if it's worth it!

If you're a fat person, you definitely should read this warning about a quick fat loss program. It's incredibly dangerous to fat people. Be aware and visit NOW


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