Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Weight Loss Tips - How To Lose Weight, And An Introduction To "Live" Foods

If you really eat the right foods, your energy levels will skyrocket and your waistline will shorten! Your food is what is used to form all the cells in your body. When you eat good food, your cells are good. When you eat bad food your cells are not healthy. This is a very simple concept that many people have ignored their ENTIRE LIFE!

I want to use the shower analogy. Americans always find the time to shower. Got to be somewhere in 20 minutes? No problem... hop in the shower for 5, leave in 8. Those of you who take 3 hours... No problem. Wake up at 3:30 to be there by 9:00? No sweat. No matter what, there's always time.

Why is it not the same with the way we eat? We're all clean on the outside, but inside we're dirty as a chicken coup. What if I told you that you should consider washing your body with antifreeze not soap? Wouldn't even think about it, right? You can find some of the same chemicals that wash our windshields and keep our car fluids from freezing in the ice creams that you buy in the supermarket!

How about brushing your teeth with pesticides? Pretty nauseating. Well, everyday Americans eat non-organic vegetables that are not only showered in pesticides, but grow in the ground that has been contaminated for years! What I'm saying is this... In order for you to achieve and maintain your best fitness and health, you need to refine your fuel.

Would you think about putting low grade gas in a brand new Lamborghini? No WAY! You want the best for that engine, so now let me tell you about the best fuel for your engine- your body! So what should you eat?

Live Foods...

The best foods you can eat are fresh, organically grown, uncooked foods. The reason is because their chemistry has not been changed by cooking, pesticides or any other chemical additive. Your diet should consist of more raw foods than cooked if you want to have the most energy. Why? Because the cells in these foods are still living.

They contain complete nutrients and enzymes that your body needs for maximum and optimal health. If you have an onion in the pantry for too long it starts to grow! Those living enzymes, the same ones that make that onion grow are what you want to eat. Another great thing about raw food is that nature has a fantastic way of putting complimentary nutrients together so they can work together on absorption. So you'll find the right amount of magnesium with calcium and vitamin D in a whole, raw food.

You can't get that in most supplements. Most supplements can't imitate nature like this. With raw foods, it's what nature intended. Now wait, please don't panic... you can still cook foods, cooking vegetables is much better than eating none at all, but make sure you bring more raw foods into your diet. The more raw foods you eat, the more life energy you will have. Do it, you'll feel great and you'll make it a staple of your diet.

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