Sunday, June 29, 2008

Weight Loss With No More Guilt

I have just had a lovely weekend with old friends at one of the Proms in the Park. The food that we all took to share, yet again was supplied in an over abundance, as was the wine!

The evening was wonderful and at this year's event I enjoyed myself even more because...

There was no more guilt!

Have you ever wondered what it is that keeps you trapped, unable to re-motivate yourself when you had eaten something 'bad'?

It is the pattern of guilt . . .

- The thoughts that you 'shouldn't have eaten...'

- The shame of eating too much;

- The thought of how much weight you have put on;

- The thought of how 'bad', weak willed and useless you are.

With these thoughts you keep yourself trapped in a pattern of behaviour that brings only stress and the inevitable comfort eating. Its no wonder life is a struggle and permanent weight loss so elusive when your life is dominated by shame and guilt!

So here's how you stop the guilt...

Reflect on how much you enjoyed the food;

Tell yourself you are allowed to enjoy it;

Remember, one meal of excess won't be noticed on your hips;

Remember your motivation comes from positive thoughts;

Reflect on how much you enjoy the foods that gives you energy and happiness (your special fuel mix);

Reflect that without guilt there is no need to comfort eat;

Feel the motivation to eat the foods that lift your spirits.

Once in a while it is not 'bad' to eat foods that you have, in the past, labelled negatively. They may not be the best of fuel for your body but on a rare occasion it is not 'bad' to enjoy them. So enjoy them and see how easy it is to get back on track with you healthier eating habits.

Chrissie Webber is a published author, business coach and leadership trainer. As Managing Director of Life-Shapers Ltd she is developing her online weight-loss motivation company into a franchise of Life Shapers Weight Management Coaches.

Her track record in the area of weight management is firstly a personal one. Following a lifetime of weight issues - at her heaviest, over 21 stone and a massive size 30 - she has personal experience of diets and their devastating effect on size and psyche.

With a background in nursing, psychology and business coaching, coupled with a lifetime of dieting, she developed and successfully used a series of models and tools that enhance weight loss motivation. Now over 5 dress sizes smaller and having sustained her weight loss for several years she has written a book about her motivational journey. Weight Loss, Life Gain - A Motivational Journey to Permanent Weight Loss was published in January 2008 by Accent Press.

Her Blog and free monthly eZine now offer support to others.


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