Thursday, June 26, 2008

What Options Do You Have for Weight Loss Surgery?

Sometimes due to medical conditions doctors advice you to go for weight loss surgery (It is NEVER advisable to go to the surgery just because you want to loose weight, for that, choose the path of "exercise"). There are two options for weight loss surgery

1.Bariatric surgery -

Bariatric surgery is the surgery procedure which is applied for treatment of obesity. Obesity is one of the main problems of the society. It is very difficult to treat obesity. Bariatric surgery tries to find a solution to this problem.

Now Obesity causes problems like diabetes, heart problems, sleep apnea etc. Bariatric surgery can help in avoiding them. Now only that,Bariatric surgery can also help you avoiding the secondary health problems. In Bariatric surgery, the stomach size is reduced. The stomach after surgery become of size that of an egg. Only very less amount of food can enter the reduced stomach. So you tend to eat less. It is not a natural solution hence do consult your doctors before ever going through such operations.

2. Lap band Surgery -

The other option is lap band surgery. It is the modest form of weight loss surgery for the treatment of obesity. Patients having BMI between 30 and 40 are also eligible of lap band surgery if they are suffered from serious health problems that are known to improve with weight loss.

It is worth nothing that The efficiency of lap band is based on the consuming capacity of your stomach; if a person consume less food then naturally he may lose weight.As with any kind of surgery, Lap band surgery also do not guarantees for weight loss for everyone as the results may vary. In rare cases, It is also possible that patient may face serious complications after the surgery.

Both kind of surgeries have there pros and cons and can create complexities if they don't get successful. If you have some medical problems or high blood pressure than it is highly advisable to consult with your physician.

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