Tuesday, July 22, 2008

3 Tips That Most People Can't Do to Lose Weight Fast

After needing to shed a few pounds myself, I finally decided to get off my duff and find some answers.

In the past I tried whatever the latest fad diet or pill that was the rave at that time. Needless to say I always gave up after not seeing any weight loss.

One of the first things that I found is that you have to be in the right state of mind to get any real results.

Let's take the dreaded word DIET.

Just looking at this word is painful. It reeks of misery, and starvation. So the first think you need to do is associate the word DIET with a meaning of what you keep in your refrigerator.


Just to drive home my point, every living thing on the planet has a diet. Horses for example have a diet of oats and hay, your hamster has a diet of hamster food. Now when you think about it like that it's really not a painful word at all.

So tip # 1 is getting and staying in the right frame of mind. It makes a huge difference. The mind really does control the body!

Now another thing that I have picked up along the way is that you're eating habits are KEY.

Most people think it's all about how little you eat every day. Well I am here to tell you, that's totally wrong. It's about how much you eat everyday!

People hear this; you need to eat more to lose weight. What I am talking about is eating 5-6 meals a day. Now the meals will be smaller, and of quality food, but eating this many times a day is the real secret.

You see the more you starve yourself, the more your body holds on to fat, It puts your body into a state of " Don't burn any fat, we might not get any more food." That's how you body interprets starvation. So eat more often and your body will be like a trained dog. It will know exactly when its next meal is coming, and once it does. Kablaammmm! It starts burning off that excess fat that is wasting space.

So tip #2 is eat 5-6 meals of quality food every day.

Now tip #2 is great all by itself, but if you really want to get rid of the fat, you need to turn up the heat.

I'm gonna say it..... EXERCISE!

Okay I said it.

This is another word that really seems to make people scared and ready to run for the Doritos.

So just associate the word EXERCISE with EXORCIST. Think of it as a tool to expel all those fat demons out of your body temple! :)

Now when I say exercise, I am not talking about getting ready for Triathlon. Just start of doing anything, walking is great. Even if it's just 20 minutes a day, It will build upon itself. Before you know it you will be running, biking, lifting weight, and living life!

So tip# 3 is EXERCISE... Remember if you don't use it ... you lose it. So get out there and use that body, keep it healthy.

Now don't think that I am some professional trainer,

I'm just an average person that happened to read the program fat loss 4 idiots. I have to say, I was an idiot, but I can testify... After reading fat loss 4 idiots, it has changed my life. And I am confident that it can change yours as well.

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