Sunday, July 6, 2008

How Can I Lose Weight Fast? Your Prayers Answered

How can I lose weight fast is a question that's asked by many people, day in and day out, all over the world. The world is awash with a million celebrity diets and a new workout craze each week, but are any of them right for you? Check out our article to find the lowdown on how you can really lose weight fast.

Tip 1

Ditch the pasta. How can I lose weight fast? No more pasta is the answer. While it's healthier than other more traditional carb groups (french fries for example), pasta still contains huge amounts of calories. Think about it for a second - the stereotypical long distance runner loads up on things like pasta and potatoes for this reason. Pasta is a pretty great food though, so instead of ditching it altogether why not consider halving your portions and eating some fruit or nuts after your meal?

Tip 2

Sugar free is the way to go. Think about it for a second - how can something as sweet as sugar not be chock full of calories? Losing the sugar is a big answer to the "how can I lose weight fast?" question. If it wasn't bad for you people would be eating sugar sandwiches for lunch each day wouldn't they? If you drink a lot of soft drinks, simply switching to sugar free versions can easily reduce your calorie intake by a few hundred each week.

Tip 3

Drink more water. How can I lose weight fast? Simple - the water aids your body's metabolising process, so you digest food more efficiently. The statistics regarding dehydration are ridiculous-a staggering amount of people live their everyday lives in a state of dehydration, and this means your body is not working as well as it could. Your body needs water for its everyday processes, including burning fat and thinking. If you drink more water, you will retain less, burn fat better, and be able to think clearer. Fact.

Tip 4

Get a pedometer. Attach it to yourself for a week, and work out how many steps you do in an average day. If you are asking yourself how can I lose weight fast, try and add a thousand steps a day. Walk to the park, or the store, or just around the block a few times. Whatever it takes. Walking isn't exactly the most strenuous activity, but I'm betting after a couple of weeks of doing extra steps like this, you'll be seeing exactly how you can lose weight fast.

So there you are, 4 answers to the eternal modern question - "How can I lose weight fast?" Hopefully these answers have made you understand that weight loss isn't a big impossible challenge. Click the links below for the best weight loss advice around.

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