Monday, July 21, 2008

Rapid Weight Loss Tips - 7 Ideas That Work

Rapid weight loss tips can help you lose weight or can actually make you fatter. How could this be? Starve yourself on a diet and your body will start to become more efficient and burn calories slower. Start back eating normally and you gain more weight than you lost! But there are some ideas that will work.

The best rapid weight loss ideas are those that you can make part of your regular routine. You can lose all the weight you want to lose over a relatively short time and the best time to start is today. But even a plan to lose weight quickly should be part of a longer term vision to lose all the weight you want to lose and keep it off.

Try these ideas to lose weight fast and keep it lost.

1. Write those goals..

Write down your weight loss goals and you'll be on the way to permanent improvement. Few people will take the time to write goals down and those are the people who succeed. What are your weight loss goals? Put a time on those goals. Over and over the importance of written goals has been proven, but few will get it done. Will you?

2. What do you eat?.

What you've eaten up until now have put you where you are. So what are you eating now? If you wish to improve keep a journal of everything you eat. You may be surprised at the result.

3. Three meals a day.

There are great plans which call for eating six times a day. But Overeaters Anonymous found that eating three meals a day is the best way to success. Commit to the discipline of eating three meals a day. Not one or two, but three.

4. Drink herb tea.

Have a favorite herb tea? Drink that tea throughout the day to help you stay full and ward off hunger pangs. Pick a variety of teas or stick with what you like.

5. Exercise.

Burn fat by moving. What exercise can you do regularly? Pick something and just do it. Is it walking? Just get going. Weight training is very helpful for weight loss, but don't kid yourself. Do what you can as often as you can.

6. Soup.

Incorporate soups in your plan. Many soups like cabbage soup are very filling but contain very few calories. Eat soups and stay full and fight hunger.

7. Eat breakfast.

Get off to a good start by eating breakfast every day. That's maybe the most important of your three meals a day. Feel better and lose weight with a balanced breakfast.

If you want to lose weight fast, each one of these ideas will help you. But more importantly, make each idea part of an overall long-term plan to meet every one of your weight loss goals.

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