Friday, May 16, 2008

Motivation to Lose Weight

If you want to lose weight, you must find enough motivation to help you stay focused on your goal. Your motivation might be where you do not want to descend to in your life or where you want to take your life to. You might discover that the thought of your weight problems getting worse prompts you to take action to change it. At other times, the desire to look and actually be slim, sexy and self-confident can propel you to want to lose excess fat and feel healthy. In some cases, it might be what happened to another person that will force you on the path to weight loss.

Whatever be the case, you must find enough reasons for yourself to want to lose weight and banish excess fat forever. In the first instance, you know well enough that you are not very healthy on account of the unwanted fat that is gradually choking you to stroke and untimely death. Diabetes, high cholesterol levels, stroke, high blood pressure and lack of energy and zest are some of the effects of overweight. You know that this is the truth and that you are leading a sedentary life which makes the matter worse.

You must decide to lose weight starting today whatever it may cost you. When you consider the effects of not losing weight and the benefits of fat loss, you ought to do something about your overweight situation immediately. You must start with binge eating. Stop compulsive eating so you can last longer. If you resort to eating to cure anger, annoyance, depression or any other situation, decide today to stop it. Keep away from pies and cookies. Avoid chocolates and ice creams. Learn to eat salad without the toppings. Do away with mayo and such toppings.

You must begin to exercise at this moment for your desire to be trim to materialize. Start small but be consistent with your exercise routines. You will help yourself better if you avoid alcohol and cigarettes. They shorten your life span and add no benefits to your life.

There is one important thing you have to do to motivate you further. Get a picture of anybody who has a body you look forward to having. Paste the picture wherever you will see it all the time and start working towards getting there.

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