Monday, June 16, 2008

It Is Possible To Lose Weight Without Exercise

A lot of us dread the idea of exercise. There's nothing more demoralizing than exercising at the gym when the person next to you is slim and fit, or exercising at home cramped in your living room when you would rather be sitting on the couch watching TV. Well there is an alternative to lose weight without exercise, and no it's not a miracle diet pill. It's called calorie shifting.

The concept is relatively new and several top dietitians are recommending it as the best weight loss solution. The calorie shifting diet was designed with the idea that food is the most powerful and natural way to lose weight without exercise.

Traditional diets focus on reducing your calorie intake and barring certain types of food. This in turn sends a signal to your metabolism to slow down and to store the fat to keep as a reserve of energy. As a result instead of burning off that excess fat, you are now essentially burning muscle tissue which is not only unhealthy but it leaves you feeling hungry and tired. From that point any excess amount of calories to what you are used to eating will be stored as fat because your metabolism is now working at a much slower rate.

The calorie shifting diet on the other hand does not restrict any particular types of foods, instead it rotates the number of calories that you consume. For example one morning you may eat food containing 500 calories, the next day you may have food with 650 calories. This process does not allow for your metabolism to adapt to a predetermined number of calories and will constantly be working at high rate thus constantly burning calories.

This is a tried and proven method of how to lose weight without exercise.

If you would like to lose weight without exercise learn more about the calorie shifting diet


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