Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Losing Weight The Safe And Natural Way

Losing weight is probably one of the hardest tasks a person can face, but it doesn't have to be. It is a simple formula of eating healthy, getting some exercise, and drinking plenty of water. That's it!

I know, I can hear all the moaning from here, but that really is the formula for losing weight. By the way, I am not some skinny person who found this information in some book, and decided to pass it on.

I struggled with a weight problem my whole life, and one day while looking in the mirror after a shower, I joined a weight loss clinic. All they did was give me some photo copied menu's to follow, told me to exercise, drink water, gave me a dietary supplement, and had me come in every week to get weighed. No it wasn't weight watchers.

I was upset to say the least when I left their office because I paid a fairly large sum of money (up front), and this was it. Where are the specialist, the doctors?

When I got home I read their menus. They wanted me to eat chicken, CHICKEN, I don't eat chicken, I eat pizza. They wanted me to drink water. WATER, I don't drink water, I drink soda. This is not good!

But then reality set in, and I realized that eating pizza and drinking soda is what got me where I was, and it wasn't a good place, so I knew I had to do it. The foods were basically what we should all be eating anyway. Lean meat, poultry, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and whole grains.

The enemies are flour, sugar, and salt. If you can keep most of your meals to the foods above, and stay away from the enemies, you have a very good beginning for losing weight. A good idea is to buy a cookbook that has recipes for losing weight and eating healthy. Try to stay away from store bought foods that are already prepared. They are usually not a good choice.

If you need to buy store bought, learn to check ingredient labels, because they can be very deceiving. See how many serving they say are in the package. That's a favorite trick of food packagers, to say there are 4 or 5 servings in a package, that anyone can see is for one or two people.

Now when you read the label, and it says 25 grams of carbs, you say, gee, that's not too bad. But that's 25 grams per serving, and your package has 5 servings. Ut O. That's how they get you.

The bottom line is if you make a commitment to follow this weight loss plan, it will work! Just slowly work your way into it. Don't decide to start losing weight Monday, or next Tuesday, or the first of the year, or whatever, start today. But start slowly, this is not a diet, this is a life style change. Get the word diet out of your head. You are going to lose weight by changing your eating habits forever.

To finish my story, I followed the plan that the weight loss center put me on to the letter, and started losing weight quickly. I was losing two to three pounds a week, eating three meals a day. After six months the weight loss place I was going to wanted me to renew my membership, but because of the price they charged I dropped out.

I knew the plan, and could do it on my own. The only problem was they would not give me the weight loss supplement any more, and that really slowed down my results, to about a pound or less a week.

It's hard to find a good safe supplement, and that took me some time, but I finally did and got back on track. When I started this program I was 305 pounds, and I got down to 188 pounds and still holding. Looking back, it was all worth it because I feel so much better, and I know I am much healthier.

My mother always had two sayings that I would run through my head whenever I was having a weak moment, "A minute on the lips, forever on the hips" and " Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels".

After losing over one hundred pounds, Glenn Downer started writing articles on how to lose weight, the safe and natural way, and keep it off. He has written several articles for various newsletters and websites. You can visit his web site at:


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