Monday, June 9, 2008

Secrets Of Using Calorie Shifting Diets For Fat Loss

You may already have heard of a very popular diet called calorie shifting diets, and this article will discuss some aspects about it, and whether or not it is safe to follow.

Firstly, the calorie shifting diet is unlike any other type of diet (low carb, low fat or low calorie) that deprives your body of any specific food groups. The foods that you consume in this diet will work to boost your body metabolism naturally.

1. Why Are Calorie Shifting Diets Better?

Calorie shifting can help you lose weight very quickly without you having to starve and feeling deprived of energy. You will need to eat 4 complete meals every day, consisting of nutrients from all the important food groups.

Even though other diets can help you to lose weight too, they require abstaining from eating most foods, and usually leaving their dieters deprived of energy and nutrients. Many people, including myself, have given up when we cannot tolerate the starvation. Not only will you feel hungry every day, you will also be tired and unable to perform tasks properly.

2. The Low Calorie Diet

It is true that burning calories can help you to lose weight. However, you should not starve yourselves of food and not consume any calories at all. This is a mistake that many dieters make, and it does not yield much weight loss results in the long term.

The reason for this is simple: When you starve your body, your metabolism will decrease due to the reduction in calorie consumption. When that happens, less energy is used, thus reducing the amount of calories you burn. This is why some people can eat large amounts of food and not put on any weight, while there are others who starve themselves, but see no weight loss results.

3. The Atkins Diet

This is another difficult to follow diet that will produce very good weight loss results. Again, it encourages a deprivation of food, which causes many dieters to give up halfway and start eating a lot of carbohydrates again. When that happens, all the weight that was lost before will be regained quickly.

4. How Do Calorie Shifting Diets Work?

This diet has been very effective for a lot of people who have tried it. It teaches you to eat the right foods that are most helpful to boost your body's metabolism and burn fats naturally. Results can be expected relatively quickly if implemented correctly.

The foods that you are required to eat daily are divided into 4 smaller meals. You will eat from all the important food groups, since there is no need to deprive yourselves of food.

Each meal that you consume consists of calories from very different foods, thus the term "calorie shifting", because you are changing the type of calories at every meal. By following this type of eating pattern, you can achieve faster fat loss due to your increased metabolism speed. Learn more about calorie shifting diets at the website link below.

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