Friday, May 23, 2008

Easy And Fast Weight Loss Diets

Losing weight benefits you in many ways so you might just be interested in one of the many easy and fast weight loss diets. Why? From a stronger self image to a better health status, the benefits are too many to be listed here. Heart diseases, diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure are only some of the medical conditions which are favored or aggravated by being overweight. Also medical treatments are riskier if applied on an overweight person.

Everybody knows the general method to lose weight: add fewer calories than the amount burnt. However, caution is necessary, as medics and nutritionists warn against losing a lot of weight very quickly. A slower, bur steadier rate is preferred for the body to get used with the changes. There are many tricks you can use to lose weight without seeing the process as a burden of any sort. If you have the right attitude from the start and look at the final results, you will find it easier to continue.

You will find it easier to cope with the diet if at least once a week you eat a treat poor in calories, but having a high calorie tasting. This way, you should not feel deprived of delicious, though calorie rich foods. There are many examples of tasty foods, but which will not add many calories to your diet, such as lobster (3 ounces contain only 83 calories), shrimp (60 calories in 12 ounces), whipped cream (a tablespoon has 8 calories) or smoked salmon (two ounces have only 66 calories).

If you have to eat calories rich aliments, such as ice cream or cake at party or other social events, eat as little as you can so you do not ruin all your previous efforts in one evening. You will be sorry afterwards if you derail from the line you have stepped on.

Be careful at the drinks. Have a big glass of orange juice for breakfast and after that, make water your primary drink. Cut down on soda and other juices as much as you can, preferably not drinking such drinks at all. The usual American gets over 90,000 calories every year from soft drinks alone. These juices have very high sugar levels and they damage the body in more ways than one.

Do not neglect physical exercises. Buy a pedometer and clip it to your belt and aim for an extra 1000 steps per day. Regular exercise is the key to burning calories and maintaining the new obtained weight. A sedentary person takes only 2,000 to 3,000 steps per day and adding another 2,000 to these will prevent you from gaining any more weight. Anything in excess of 5,000 steps each day will help you lose any excess weight.

All easy and fast weight loss diets will eventually make you change your eating habits altogether. Be prepared to give up all the fast food, pizzas or snacks from between the meals. And instead of only one large meal per day, split it into five, six or seven smaller ones. Studies show that if you eat the same number of calories distributed over multiple meals, your body releases less insulin, which keeps blood sugar steady and helps control hunger. In other words all easy and fast weight loss diets should not only balance your weight but they should also adjust your overall health condition. Another thing you should remember is that easy and fast weight loss diets should be picked with caution because some of them just involve starving yourself and nobody really wants that.

This Easy Weight Loss Program helps to explain why Low Carb, Low Calorie, and Low Fat diets don't work.

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