Friday, May 16, 2008

Fat Loss Training for Women

Forget cardio and body sculpting classes. Here's a faster way to burn the inches from your body.

And the answer will shock you.

I train a lot of men and women who do the same workouts - and here's the shocker: Most of the time, the women get the best results by using interval training and superset strength training.


Because most women are doing such ineffective workouts right now, that they are getting no results. Cardio is boring. And possibly doesn't even work. But when they switch to intervals and resistance training, their bodies get lean fast and they lose inches fast!

However, I also sometimes will change the program for women in order - we might reduce the number of sets per exercise or we use body weight exercises in place of dumbbell exercises.

And the reasoning here is this. To "bulk up", bodybuilders need to do a lot of volume (a lot of sets and reps) - and they have to eat a lot, which obviously people aren't going to be focusing on if they want to lose body fat.

Women who want to burn inches from their things are not going to be pigging out. They're going to be eating what they're supposed to.

But back to training. In my Turbulence Training programs we don't have body builder type volume in the first place. So most women, like I said, just train normally on Turbulence Training and don't change it at all - and they lose fat and do NOT bulk up.

However, I sometimes change the program only for a woman's mindset purpose as opposed to an actual physical purpose. Instead of doing three sets per exercise, we'll just do one or maybe two sets per exercise. That way it just decreases the amount of volume and reduces the chance of gaining muscle. So that's the biggest change that I'll make for women.

It really just eases their mind so they won't think they are getting big and bulky.

On the other hand, another mindset change for women is if we use a push up in place of a dumbbell chest press women are much more comfortable doing push ups because they don't associate that with gaining mass.

Push ups are tough, and elevating your feet makes them tougher. So if a woman is using 30 or 35 pounds in dumbbell chest presses, then sometimes they get a little anxious about that so we'll just switch them over to decline push ups.

These push ups are very difficult exercise, still getting the same type of results, same benefits, but now they're not worried about the so-called bulking up.

So, those are the changes I make and I'm not hesitant to say I'm making them mostly to suit the mindset of the person because I know we're not losing results.

And another thing to consider about volume of training is that you don't have to do six different exercises for a body part and four sets per exercise.

Strength training is a very efficient process. So even if you only did one hard set of each exercise you're probably going to get about 75% of the results if you did three sets.

So that's an important consideration for people that are really pressed for time. Men who like to build muscle can do less cardio and eat more.

People just have to realize that if they only have 10 or 15 minutes they can still benefit their body and their fat loss efforts just by training at a reduced volume.

Craig Ballantyne believes cardio has a dark side, and has invented better fat burning workouts.


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