Thursday, May 15, 2008

Weight Loss Will Kill You!

Many people get robbed when using online weight loss programs or guides. Not only are they losing money, they are losing their life as well. People don't realize that weight loss is lethal.

Weight loss products involve using drugs that your body doesn't need and eventually deteriorates it. You don't need these drug pills in your body. Some people actually lose about 5 pounds with this method only to pay huge health consequences later that sometimes leads to death. Is 5 pounds worth your life?

There's this great idea of "if I don't eat at all, I can't gain weight!" Huge mistake. It is a disastrous idea to starve your body simply because your metabolism slows down so much that the next time you eat, your body will store that fat because it thinks that you might not eat for a while. This was a popular idea and i saw for myself that people gained more weight weeks after they started eating regularly. Of coarse there are those situations where people starve themselves to death.

Diet food is relatively fake food that doesn't fill anyone up and leaves you hungry. Not only do you starve from hunger, but also starve for nutrients and minerals that was taken out by this diet food.

My friend recently tried this so called "proven diet". I gave her my overwhelming negative opinion, but she did it anyways. To make a long story short she lost 10 pounds in 2 1/2 weeks.

Now it was judgment time as I tried this diet plan myself. I definitely learned a ton of these "fat facts" that i never knew made me fat! It is safe which was a must for me. Also it is results driven because it has many years of success. I found rave reviews about it which is important. It's nothing that takes up the whole day and easy to use. If anything went wrong or if it didn't work, there was always a money back guarantee.

I followed all the instructions and weighed myself everyday which is probably over doing it because i wanted to see results! I lost 15 pounds in a month which isn't a staggering amount but I was shocked as how simple it was to do so. I gave up a while ago and my friend saved me! I went to a review website of people that have tried this diet and gave their reviews and personal thoughts on.

Here's the blog:

Good Luck and shed those pesky pounds!

Contact: Jane Mazo
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