Friday, May 16, 2008

How To Lose 10 Pounds Within 30 Days?

Do you think you can lose 10 pounds within 30 days? Yes, you can. I see there are lots of people who say you can lose more than 10 pounds within 10 days but I suggest you to stay away from that kind of article. I think it's almost impossible for you to lose that much unless you stop eating and take exercises at least 2 hours per day.

Weight loss is not only about how to lose weight but the most important thing is to eat properly. The answer to your question "how to lose 10 pounds" is your dedication. So do you have enough dedication to lose 10 pounds within 30 days? If yes, then read these steps:

1. Take a calorie shifting method. For you who do not know, calorie shifting is a method which tells you to eat four or even five times a day (not three times). However, you will eat less every time. For example: You usually eat 800 calories in breakfast, dinner, and lunch. With calorie shifting, you will eat less, maybe around 550 calories each meal. But remember, you will eat more often, about four times per day. This will help you to consume less and keep you away from hunger.

2. If you do not have time to go to fitness centre, you must learn to walk or jog. Spend around 40 minutes per day to jog or run. If you also do not have time for this, then try to walk. You can go walking to your office instead of using your car. You can also use stairs instead of elevator. There are plenty of choices to help your body metabolism. Don't be lazy. Remember, 40 minutes per day is needed.

3. It's almost impossible to lose 10 pounds within 30 days unless you take a diet pill. What I mean diet pill is a product which can absolutely helps you in a healthy way. There are plenty of useless pills out there so I suggest you to be careful about this. You might want to talk with me about the best diet pill.

In overall, it's not hard to lose 10 pounds but you need dedication to do that. A dedication to eat less, a dedication to work more, and a dedication to stay healthy. If you follow my steps, you maybe will say bye, bye to your old question: "How to lose 10 pounds within 30 days?"

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