Friday, May 23, 2008

How To Lose Weight - Tips To Help You Get Rid Of Fat Quickly

Obesity is a huge problem in our society and losing weight is one of the most difficult challenges for those that are overweight. It requires a commitment on the part of those that want to lose weight to make changes both in their diet and exercise habits. However the majority of us do know that we need to exercise and eat properly yet we do not follow our own advice.

For most people that are overweight the stress from their jobs or other aspects of their lives causes them to reach for food in an attempt to relieve the stress and feel better. Of course this does help you feel good in the short term but the long term effects of being overweight and unhealthy only create further stress so it becomes a vicious cycle that must be escaped from in order to get back to a healthy weight. Here are some tips to help you to return and stay at a healthy weight.

Tip 1: Develop Clear Goals

This is a very necessary step to keep you on track yet it is overlooked by most weight loss programs. Creating goals is important as they will help you to stay on track and more importantly get back on track even if you falter a little along the way.

The initial step in goal setting is to decide what the real reasons are you want to lose weight. This is the most important step so really think deeply about it and get emotional if you have to. This is the fuel that will drive you to make these goals a reality. You must write down these reasons on a piece of paper. Do not skip this step because it can make all the difference. Something magical occurs when you write your goals down that almost makes their accomplishment inevitable.

Now you need to set one month and three month weight targets that you are aiming for. Be realistic so aim to lose around ten pounds a month. Write down these weight targets on a piece of paper too. Once everything is on paper you must review this sheet at least once a day, carry it with you if you want. This will program your mind as to what you want it to create. Make sure to do all these steps and do not underestimate the power of them.

Tip 2: Consume Smaller Meals More Regularly

Most people eat very large meals one to three times a day. The problem with this approach is that you end up going sometimes for 5 or 6 hours without any food. This causes your metabolism to slow down dramatically because your body thinks you are trying to starve it so when you do eat again you end up storing most of that food as fat instead of burning it off.

A better approach is to eat smaller meals every 3 to 4 hours. Try to get some extra fruits and vegetables in your diet too. Since these foods are water rich they will also fill you up quickly so you will be able to eat less calories and still feel full. Also you will experience less hunger using this strategy since you are eating frequently. In addition your metabolism will speed up since your body is aware that it is getting nutrition regularly so there is no need to store anything as fat.

Tip 3: Exercise The Proper Way

Unfortunately you cannot ignore physical activity when it comes to weight loss as it is important. However you do not need to spend significant time exercising nor do you need to strain yourself either. If you can walk for thirty minutes a day either outside or indoors on a treadmill then that should be sufficient. You can even take one or two days off each week.

Also once or twice a week do some light weight training as this will help to build muscle. Muscle is very important for weight loss because it burns calories continuously so you want to add some muscle to your body. Buy some free weights or join a gym, do not weight train too often otherwise you may get over trained and this could make you sick since your immune system will get weakened. Follow each of these tips to help you lose weight faster and to keep that weight off permanently.

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