Thursday, May 15, 2008

Manipulating Fat Burning Hormones Leads to Weight Loss

Diets often fail or leave you flabby because most diet plans are designed to burn either protein or carbohydrate calories, while ignoring fat tissue. By simply consuming foods that manipulate the production of insulin, your body can double the number of fat burning calories it gets rid of, leaving you with much more lean muscle mass.

Insulin is a hormone released into the bloodstream after every meal. Its job is to transport newly eaten calories into the muscle cells, so that these calories are converted into energy. However, when too much insulin is released into the bloodstream and too many calories are transported into the muscle cells, the body begins to transport these extra calories into the fat cells. They are now stored as fat tissue. This results in flab. The more insulin that gets released after each mean, the fatter you will be. Likewise, the less insulin, the more fat you will burn and the thinner you become.

The secret is in adopting a diet that contains food which will minimize the release of insulin into the blood stream after each meal so that insulin levels stay low and do not become stored as fat tissue. If you are careful to do this, then you will find losing weight and weight maintenance much more effective.

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