Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Most Popular Diets Of 2007

I can not believe it, I have finally managed to reach my target weight. After struggling with obesity for the last twelve years I can at last look at myself in a mirror without cringing. It was hard work it has to be said, the hard work however was more than worth it. I think that this has to be the greatest achievement of my life thus far and whats more I am now going to tell the world exactly how I did it. I hope it will inspire and help other people to also lose weight.

As I am sure most people have, I have tried numerous forms of diet or weight loss programs. Maybe it was just me but for whatever reason I was unable to achieve success through their ideas as what they were proposing just meant that life would not be worth living. I am somebody who needs a little treat from time to time. I can not and do not want to stop eating chocolate as I love it to much. I will continue to eat a curry on a Friday night, after a hard week at work I feel that I deserve it. Thinking about the Friday night curry is what helps me to get through the week after all.

In the end I decided that I needed to help myself and that I would formulate my own weight loss plan. I decided that it was time to be honest, there were some serious questions that needed to be asked and the answers needed to be full and truthful.

Questions such as, how much exercise do you do each week? How much food do you eat each day? Do you really need to eat that amount of food each day? Have you the spare time to fit in even more exercise? Are you totally committed to losing this excess weight? Are you willing to go through the pain barrier to reach your target weight?

These are questions which I am sure you can guess the answers to. The solution was quite simple, I needed to eat less food and to exercise far more. Six months later I am living proof that it works.

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