Saturday, May 24, 2008

Weight Loss By Visualization

Many overweight people believe they cannot lose weight. In truth, weight can be very difficult to shed. Weight loss by visualization is really a mind game. We need to stop telling our friends we have have tried everything and that it is impossible to lose weight. We need to stop telling ourselves that. We cannot loose weight by constantly reminding our selves that we cannot or how terribly difficult it is to loss weight. All these negative thoughts and comments are stored in our sub conscience and can be very difficult to remove.

Our mind needs a clear picture of what we want to accomplish. A clear picture of a slim and trim you. This will take a conscious effort especially in the beginning. Visualization is essentially that we present our mind a clear picture of what we want. Hold that picture in you mind for a few seconds or as long as you can. Do this several times a day.

Visualization is not a new concept. History tells that Michelangelo had a clear picture of his famous " The David" in his mind before he started the sculpture. He was able to visualize the out come he wanted and move in that direction. I used that comment on history to not only emphasize what has been done by others using visualization, but, also to show the importance of holding a clear picture of what we want to accomplish in our minds.

Like so many things in our lives practice and persistence is important. We have all heard at one time of another about that strong willed person that could accomplish anything they set there minds to accomplish. If we use visualization and affirmations we find that we do not need to be strong willed. Once our mind understands what we want(in this case weight loss), it leads us in that direction.

To succeed in weight loss by visualization you will need to counter the negative self talk and the less than helpful comments of family and friends. There is a story about a well known motivational speaker using this technique. He told his audience that he cut out pictures from magazines of slim and fit young men men modeling Jockey shorts. He then placed these magazine pictures in his bedroom and on his bathroom mirror. In this way he was reminded morning and night of his goal of weight loss by visualization. For this person visualization and weight loss became real and it can become real for you.

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