Saturday, May 17, 2008

Weight Loss Pills - Facts About Appetite Suppressants

Appetite suppressant are one of the solutions for people are having problems maintaining there diet. Trying to control the feeling of hunger and the urge to eat have been the downfall of many people trying to lose weight. This article will explain about prescription and over the counter suppressants and how they could help you to keep on track with your diet.

Appetite suppressing pills are available with or without prescription. Prescription suppressants are generally only prescribed to people who are classed as obese. There use requires being monitored by your doctor and are used in conjunction with a strict diet and exercise program.

Modern society puts a high value on the way people look today. From models to movie stars, we are constantly being shown that being lean and thin is the excepted way to look. That is why there has been increase on over the counter appetite suppressants, these are aimed at people who want to lose a few pounds and are mainly targeting users for cosmetic rather than health reasons. They are generally made from natural or herbal ingredients.

Appetite suppressants are designed to trick the body into thinking that your stomach is full. The more powerful prescription drugs change the chemicals in the brain to increase the levels of seratonin that make you feel full.

Over the counter appetite suppressants generally work in the same way. Some pills like Proactol work by producing a fibre complex that slows down your digestion making you feel fuller for longer.

There are side effects of using suppressants, which can be unpleasant, these can be nausea, insomnia and increase in the heart rate.

In conclusion, if you are looking at using an appetite suppressant to help you lose weight then make sure you consult your doctor and follow the manufacturer recommendations when using the product. Appetite suppressants have, and are being used by thousands of people world wide to help them achieve their weight loss goals.

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