Saturday, May 17, 2008

Wii Weight Loss - Yes You Can!

Is there really such a thing as a Wii weight loss program? Unlike other game consoles, the Wii requires that you move your body, arms and legs, to guide the controller where you want it to go. Some of the sports games and a few others really can give you a workout! Depending on the game, and how physical you want to get with it, you can really work up a sweat by playing for a long period of time!

The best Wii games for Wii weight loss are the games that come with the console: Wii Sports and Wii Play. The best game for Wii weigh loss is definitely Boxing. Two players team up, or one player teams up against the computer. To box, you throw punches, using left, right, upper cut and other punches. Your arms get a great workout, and you can even get a little short of breath. Just make sure you play for a longer period of time, at least twenty minutes or more, to get the full effect.

What about other Wii games? Can you get the Wii weight loss effect from playing any other games? The next best game is bowling. To bowl, you move just the way you would when you bowl at the bowling alley, without having to move forward so much, but if you incorporate the forward walking movement, you can really increase the aerobic effect.

How about tennis? The Wii Sports game disk has full court tennis, and Wii Play has table tennis. Just like with boxing, with tennis you can just stand still and flick your wrist to move the racket. But you can also move your body, move your whole arm, and really get into the game by being more physically active. Is it going to be the same effect you would get with a real tennis match? Probably not, but if your goal is to just use the Wii for Wii weight loss, by moving a lot more when you play, you can really enhance the results.

As for other games, such as soccer, football, and racing games, the effect will be a little different, since many of these you can play while just sitting. With the Wii, though, it's really up to you how much you want to play. Just remember to tighten the wrist strap so you don't throw it through your television or a window or a player standing next to you. Shake that thing and stay in shape with Wii weight loss!

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