Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Desserts and the Key to Maintaining Weight Loss

Satisfying the proverbial sweet tooth and losing weight or keeping off the pounds that you have already lost can be a daunting task. When you see the dessert, you want to eat it the whole thing and worry about the extra calories later. This method does not always work well when trying to keep the weight off. There are some desserts out that can help keep the weight off and satisfy your craving for sweets.

Fruit cobblers, yogurt mixtures, fruit pies, and low fat cakes are just a few. However, the key to maintaining your weight loss, having your cake and eating it to is in watching your portion size. You can always run into the problem of too much of a good thing. You want to look at the desserts calorie count and fat grams associated with the portion size before you begin eating the dessert. You must consider the calorie count associated with your diet and determine if you can have the entire portion size or if you need to eat just half of the portion to stay in line with your diet. If you dont have the will power to resist the whole portion of a dessert high in calories and fat, then fix the whole, appropriate portion size and throw away of the portion before you sit down to eat it. You can not eat a dessert that is not there.

Now there are some healthy desserts with natural ingredients that you can eat the entire portion, satisfy your sweet tooth craving and stay on your diet. These delicious desserts can be prepared quickly and easily. Dont worry you dont have to be a master chef to do it.

For example, fruit pies are a delicious dessert that can be prepared in a manner that yields them low in calories and low in fat. You can begin by washing and draining your fresh fruit. Some fruits that make great pies are apples, peaches or berries. Cut up the fruit as necessary into bite-sized chunks or slices and put it in a bowl. You can add a sugar substitute to your taste or leave the fruit in its naturally sweet state. Then pour the fruit mixture into a pre-made pie crust thats in a foil pie pan. Be careful not to overfill the pie pan with the fruit mixture. Add one tablespoon of butter (if desired) cut into small pieces and drop the butter chunks through out the fruit mixture that is in the pie pan. Take another pie crust and put it on top. Cut slits in the top pie crust for ventilation. Bake the fruit pie in the oven at about 350 degrees for 40 to 50 minutes or until the pie crust is lightly brown. Let it cool and enjoy!

Yogurt shakes are also an enjoyable low calorie and low fat treat. You can take some low fat yogurt and blend it with your favorite fruit to make a yogurt shake. Or you can add your favorite nuts or add one or two low fat cookies to your yogurt, blend it, and make a crunchy, enjoyable cool treat.

So enjoy and indulge your sweet tooth with appropriately portioned, delicious, healthy desserts that are low in calories and low in fat while you keep the weight off.

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