Friday, June 13, 2008

Lose Weight Fast

The lemonade diet is also know as the master cleanse. This cleanse was originally created by the Nuturapath Stanley Burrough. Although you can lose tons of weight while doing this. There are so much more health benefits to consider. Here's a few.

1. You lose tons of weight quickly

2. It sets your body to a natural ph level

3. It reduce craving,

4. Remove toxin from out body

5. Clean your body digestive tract, kidney and livers.

When toxins accumulate. A number of things can occur. You might notice that your face is a little more puffy. Or that your digestive system is slowing down. These are the smaller problems. But without proper cleanse. These toxins can harm your organs and cause you your health. Don't wait until that happens.

The lemonade diets is use by many celebrity. In fact Beyonce used it and lost a lot of weight for her role in the movie "Dream girls" . The lemonade diet takes just 10 days. And most people who have done it says that they have a lot more energy. They lost a lot of weight and kept it off because they didn't crave junk food like before. And most see an improvement in their overall health.

Cleansing is so important. Many things we eat today are process and pre packaged. Our body is not made to break down the chemicals that is being put in out food. These toxins and heavy metals are causing obesity and disease. When the body is not working properly. Thats when many things goes wrong.


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