Thursday, June 12, 2008

Day 3 - Follow My Weight Loss Program - I Survived the Goodies

Yes the holiday season is upon us, and for me it feels like it is a lot heavier this year. I keep saying I should have waited to start this new eating plan after the holidays. However, everything I read said if you wait, you'll keep waiting.

Eliminating procrastination is one of my New Year's resolutions and goals for 2008. I thought I would get a head start on it in 2007 by not waiting to start eating right.

If you are like me and celebrate Christmas, then you already know of the many luncheons, dinners, snacks and so on, that seem to pop up on what feels like an hourly basis. This week alone, today being Thursday (12/19/2007), we have already had enough cookies and sweets floating around the office each and everyday to feed the entire state of Delaware, at least for a month...or close to it.

I knew this would be difficult for me to overcome, and I can honestly say I have survived it. I have not touched a single cookie, cupcake, pastry, cake, pie...and the list goes on and on, at work.

So I am doing good right?

Then we go visit my parents. They haven't seen my son in a few days, so we thought we would take him over there for a visit. We get there and what is dear old mom making? Chocolate chip cookies. Apparently she pulled the short straw at work when it came to making the cookies.

Here I thought I was in the clear for the day, once my work day ended, and low an behold, mom has cookies. What is better then mom's homemade chocolate chip cookies? Not too many things. I did have one, so I guess I cheated a little bit, but at least I had the will power to stop myself, before I ate the entire bunch, which would have been the norm about a week ago.

The next week and a half will be a tell tale sign of the direction my nutrition program will head in. I know if I can get through the holidays with as little "interruption" in my eating plan as possible, I know I can do this.

After three completed days of eating better, I can feel that it is getting a bit easier. I am starting to get used to my routine of packaging my meals for the day and so on. I can only imagine that as I keep doing it, it will become like clockwork, and turn into a habit. A really good habit to have.

Mike P.

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