Sunday, July 6, 2008

Quality Canada Weight Loss Prescription

These days, proper diet and exercise do not seem to be doing the trick anymore when it comes to losing weight that is why people are turning to a Canada weight loss prescription. Opting for a Canada weight loss prescription ensures safety and more guarantee that you can lose weight since doctors and experts are recommending the prescribed weight loss drug.

For obesity
Originally, the Canada weight loss prescription is only given to obese people or for those who are nearing obesity, which can be dangerous to their health. However, these prescription drugs do not just work like magic. These people still need to take those weight loss drugs while maintaining proper diet and exercise.

Are you obese?
If your BMI (Body Mass Index) is 27 or higher and you are also at risk for heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol, your doctor may need to give you a Canada weight loss prescription. However, some of these medications are for short-term usage only.

Types of prescription medications
Check with your physician first before taking on any of these weight loss prescription drugs that can be classified in two ways:

1. Appetite suppressants These are prescribed to people who have other medical conditions along with being obese and they need to lose weight to maintain perfect health. These are never prescribed to pregnant women, people with heart disease, those suffering from liver or kidney failure, and those with glaucoma. Examples of popular appetite suppressants are phentermine and fenfluramine, however, they have been taken out of the market because of their side effects linked to heart diseases. Other examples that are still available include sibutramine and diethylproprion.

2. Fat blockers These types of medication are for preventing the body from absorbing fats and expelling them through bowel movement. Popular examples of these are Orlistat and Xenical. Known side effects include frequent and oily bowel movements, gas, and discharge. However, these side effects are reduced along with the reduction of fat intake.

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