Monday, July 21, 2008

Weight Loss For Idiots - Even an Idiot Can Lose Weight

Most people believe that it is difficult to lose weight, they need to do a lots of exercise and consume lesser food in order to achieve their weight loss goal. However, if you know how your body metabolism and calories work, you will understand why the title for this article is "Weight Loss For Idiots - Even An Idiot Can Lose Weight".

Believe it or not, the best weight loss method is to consume food. The food we eat can make us fat or thin. Consuming the wrong food at the wrong time will cause us to over weighted.

If you decide to lose weight by starving yourself, your body will assume that you don't have enough food to eat and thus starts to use up the energy stored in our body to compensate for the energy deficiency. It used the protein and carbohydrates from our muscle cells and cause our muscle mass to reduce. As a result, this slow down our metabolism.

You need to understand how your body works in order to achieve easy weight loss. The body uses energy that is stored from the food that we eat. If we do not use this energy then it is stored as fat. This is the basic principle. Understand this you will be able to lose weight easily.

Here are some tips to lose weight:

1) Avoid junk food.
Ensure that you have plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables at home. Eat an apple rather than a chocolate bar if you feel hungry.

2) Eat regularly.
If you miss a meal then your metabolism slows down to store up energy, this will make you feel more starving, and so you are much more likely to eat food that is available, which usually means food that is not good for you.

3) Reduce your calorie intake.
This should be done over a stretched period. Slowly replace the major foods that you eat regularly with a low-fat substitute. For instance, replace white bread with whole grain bread.

4) Plan your exercise routine.
Slowly introduce exercise into your regular routine. Begin by going for a short 15 minute stroll in the morning and then over a period of weeks gradually introduce jogging and bicycling.

If you are looking for a weight loss plan that even idiots can achieve results, follow the tips mentioned above, and you will be able to lose weight fast.

This article was written by Jackie Tay. The author has personally lose 20 pounds within a month by using some simple nutritional tricks and lifestyle techniques. If you are serious about losing weight without starving yourself, check out the author's success story at Weight Loss For Idiots


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