Thursday, May 15, 2008

Fast Weight Loss - Miracle or Science?

If you want to loose weight then as per my experience, you do not need a miracle. You just need a plan which should be based on a science.

I am using the calorie shifting method from last 5 years for me and my clients to reduce weight and being healthy. So can you.

What is this calorie shifting method?

Before explaining this method I want to give you a brief idea about a calorie.

A calorie is the unit of energy which is equal to the heat given to raise th temperature of 1 kilogram of water to 1 degree.

your body needs certain amount of calorie to run your body for your day to day activity. If you are a doing a sitting job then you need much lesser calorie than an athlete.

In this method you need not to starve yourself as people usually suggest. In fact you will be taking proper diet as per your liking. The only difference in taking your diet is that you will take different foods in your diet to fulfill your calorie requirements. For your personalized food schedule, you need to take advice of your nutritionist who will make different food plans for different days of an week. You can even opt from one of several online programs by which you can make your food plan by yourself.

The only important factor for your success in this method is that you should follow your plan religiously. Some of my clients have even achieved the loss of 9lbs in just 11 days. So, plan and act now.

Wishing you success,

Urwashi Gupta is an author with 10 years of experience in fitness training, a nutritionist, and online fitness coach for weight loss. She has written a review of the most famous online fat loss program at


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