Friday, June 20, 2008

New Years Weight Loss

Many people in America struggle with their weight. This struggle often intensifies with the coming of the New Year and the resolutions we all make. In the midst of the pressure to resolve or enhance one's life, many dieters feel like they should try to make yet another attempt at a New Years weight loss program. However, this attempt normally comes out of a quick and pressured decision to get on the resolution bandwagon and shed those extra pounds. As a result, most New Years weight loss programs only last for at most a few months before we end up going back to our old eating habits, and we once again bid adieu to our resolution to have a new body, new weight, more energy and healthier eating plan.

This year, try to prepare in advance. Go into the dieting season with a plan of action, goals and dedication to your goals. Here are some ideas:

Tips on how to make the right diet resolutions -

1) Prepare in advance. Many people fail in their New Years weight loss programs because they choose a diet in haste and don't have enough information and they don't understand the diet concepts.

2) Play matchmaker. The first step in creating a personalized weight loss plan is understanding your dieting style. Here are some questions to help you choose the right weight loss program for your needs.

A) What type of foods do you like?

B) Are you willing to alter your eating habits?

C) Are you willing to engage in regular physical activity?

D) Do you lead a busy lifestyle?

E) Are you looking to lose weight and then maintain that weight loss?

F) Why do you want to go on a diet?

3) Educate yourself. Now that you have answered the above questions, you probably have a good idea as to how, when and why you diet. These answers are important as they provide road signs pointing to what diet may be right for you.

For example, if you like eating all foods and want a flexible and long-term diet then it's likely the Weight Watchers diet is a good fit. Alternatively, if you like eating lots of meat, fish, cheese and eggs then the South Beach Diet plan may be for you. The fact is there are many diets; it's more a matter of finding the right one for you, than listening to what other people have done. Choosing a well-matched diet for your individual tastes and character and this will give you greater chances of weight loss success.

4) Don't set your sights too high. When dieting, it's important to take baby-steps and work up to your goal rather than setting a far-reaching goal the very first time. Therefore, to ensure you're successful, set attainable monthly goals. If you're not sure what to shoot for, one pound per week, or 4 pounds per month is a good weight loss pace.

5) Finally, Embrace your decision. Once you've become acquainted with your dieting personality, educated yourself on the many weight loss programs and weight loss products available, chosen the one that suits you best and set realistic goals you're in a much better position to diet. So make your diet plan, pat yourself on the back, embrace your decision to lose weight healthily and get started.

Dieting for weight loss management and better health is a gift. There are many people in the world who don't even have enough food to eat on a day to day basis, therefore, this year look at dieting from a completely different perspective. Consider your ability to diet, eat well and select healthy foods a blessing rather than a chore.

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